• Reputation
    B & Z Manufacturing has been machining
    high quality, ultra precision parts for the
    biggest names in the high tech and medical
    industries since 1960.
  • Consistency
    We take pride in having the newest,
    most technologically advanced machines
    in the industry. We can make parts with
    critical tolerances every time. Whether
    we make one or thousands, the trusted
    consistency that we are known for will
    always be there.
  • Quality
    With the ability to precisely check our work
    with computerized measuring equipment, we
    can guaranty a level of quality that others
    cannot. We believe that quality is the
    most important aspect of our success.
  • Versatility
    We have worked successfully with almost every
    type of material used in the CNC machining
    industry. With more than 50 years of experience
    experimenting, we know how to make your design
    work, no matter what medium you choose.

Ultra High Precision Milling and Turning

B&Z Manufacturing is the San Francisco Bay Area's source for ultra-precision multi-axis milling and turning. We bring over 50 years experience to every job we do, from optical waveguides to radar guidance systems. B&Z machines materials from hyper nickel, HyMu 80, Kovar and Invar to Aluminum, Delrin, Vespel, Brass, Tellurium Copper and Torlon. We have over 24,000 square feet of the best equipment in the industry, including 3, 4, and 5 axis Cad driven CNC machines with electronic probing and 3 Zeiss CMM's for ultimate measurement capabilities. Whether thousands of parts or a handful of prototypes are needed, our consistent precision, down to the finest of tolerances, will always be given.

Latest News

New SCH400 Cell System

B&Z adds another SCH400 to its inventory of machines for better efficiency in 5-axis machining. Check it out here.


New SCH400 In Action!

We had requests to see this monster in action. Check it out here.