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4 Axis Milling & Machining Services

B&Z Manufacturing provides high-quality 4 axis milling and machining services to create components and parts in industries where precision, power, and performance are critical.

We specialize in ultra-precise 4 axis machining that cutsthe exacting, hard-to-reach details, and complex features you require in your components and parts.

Getting the details right is essential in creating precision components and parts. So let us sweat the details for you. Call us today to learn more about our 4 axis CNC vertical machining, or 4 axis milling and machining, services.

4 axis milling machines

What is 4 Axis Machining?

A 4 axis machine performs the same functions as 3 axis machining, but with an additional axis.

4 axis machining adds rotation around the Y-axis. This rotational axis allows a work-holding pallet to present multiple sides of a part or multiple parts to the cutting tool in the spindle. The raw material is stationary and the cutting tool removes excess to create the desired component or part.

4 Axis Milling Machine Capabilities

Our 4 axis milling and machining services are ideal for specialized, detailed, and highly precise engravings, millings, and drillings. Use our 4 axis machining services to:

  • Drill holes
  • Cut arcs
  • Carve cutouts - especially on cylinders
  • Create complex features such as spiral slots

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