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5 Axis Milling & Machining

Take the quality and precision of your complex, intricately machined components and parts to the next level with 5 axis machining and milling services from B&Z Manufacturing.

An almost startling innovation when it arrived on the scene, 5 axis milling and machining quickly surpassed 3 axis machining and 4 axis machining for precision, speed, and quality.

Today, precision 5 axis machining is a machining workhorse, producing everything from highly complicated components to relatively simple parts. 

For more than six decades, B&Z Manufacturing has provided high-quality 5 axis machining services to create components and parts in industries where precision, power, and performance are vital.

We specialize in ultra-precise 5 axis millingand machining services to help create complex components with the rigid tolerances, proper resistances, exacting measurements, and stringent specifications you need. 

5 axis milling machines

What is 5 Axis Machining?

Precision 5 axis machining uses the same axes as 3 axis and 4 axis machining but has an additional rotational axis. Traditional 3 axis and 4 axis machining moves vertical on the Y-axis, sideways on the X-axis, and back-and-forth on the Z-axis. 5 axis machining gives you two additional axes: a table rotation (C-axis) and the tilting table (A-axis). 

Raw material is clamped into an indexing chuck or to a table. The spindle head assembly moves along the travel columns in unison with the chuck or index table to precisely maneuver the workpiece and the cutting tool to achieve the proper tool path required for removing material efficiently and effectively.

The multiple rotational and axial movement of 5 axis milling and machining allows for extreme versatility in positioning and contouring. It also places the spindle head closer to the workpiece, allowing shorter cutting with less vibration and deflection, higher cutting speeds, tighter tool moves, and improved surface finishing.

A 5 axis platform can configure material into complex shapes unachievable by other machining methods because of the additional axes and the exceptional mobility of workpiece to tool rotational axes. Additionally, the table and cutting tool on a 5 axis machine can be tilted, avoiding collision with the tool holder and allowing for better access to form and machine parts.

Benefits of 5 Axis Milling Machines

Because of their high speed and ease of operation, 5 axis machines are an ideal choice for creating less complicated parts that require larger production runs.

By consolidating machining into one set up on a 5 axis machine, you can:

  • Increase production throughput
  • Extend tool service life
  • Limit setup changes
  • Provide greater accuracy
  • Reduce overall waste
  • Decrease cycle times
  • Reduce part handling
  • Shorten lead times
  • Save money

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